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Patricia Potter is a retired nurse with 30 years of previous experience working with animal rescue groups in Rochester, NY. After retiring and returning to Butler, PA, it was not long until Stray Solutions was formed.


Pat has always been an animal lover—when she was young, she would frequently bring injured and lost animals back to her parents’ home, hoping to get them cared for. Currently, Pat owns three cats and a 12-year-old dog named Scinso.

Patricia Potter 

Founder and President


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Jody Snodgrass


My passion in helping cats has started years before Stray Solutions. I have previous experience with another rescue being a Treasurer and Vice President. I have done many things to help with rescue groups such as fostering, trapping, bottle feeding, fundraising, running clinics, yard sales and much more. I personally have 5 cats of my own.    


Christine Kunkel


Christine Kunkel helps to balance the organization’s budget, manages the Stray Solutions Facebook and Petfinder pages to reach potential fosters and adopters, and provides a foster home. Chris is also works as a special education teacher and has previous experience working as a treasurer for her school’s athletic teams. Chris is a mother of three adult children and currently owns two cats.


Linda Michaels


Linda Michaels helps to coordinate fundraising events for Stray Solutions and organizes low-cost clinics for several animal rescue groups, including Stray Solutions, within the Butler County area. Linda has a love for animals and a strong sense of commitment to the various missions of animal welfare groups. Linda currently has five cats and two dogs.


Sharon Brown


Sharon Brown, who worked in accounts at Pinnacle Health System for 20 years, serves as the secretary of the organization. Sharon is an animal lover and provides both a foster home and transportation for the animals taken in by Stray Solutions. She has two cats, Quatro and Noel, and previously owned german shepherds, horses and ponies!

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