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Fostering an animal is easy, affordable and a way to give back to your community.


Fill out our online application to see if any of our current animals are a match for your situation. And if you’re still unsure if fostering is for you, check out our foster testimonials and our list of 10 frequent misconceptions about fostering.

Step 1: Click the button above to download application.

Step 2: Fill out application to your best ability.

Step 3: Save document and email


"I enjoy being a volunteer for SSAR because of the dedication and commitment we all have. Everyday we communicate and try to help each other out to make sure the kittens and cats we have end up in an amazing forever home. We work together for the health and safety of the kittens. The work we are able to accomplish as a team is very rewarding."


- Vice President, Heather 


There are countless ways to volunteer for Stray Solutions – whether it’s providing food and resources, supporting and assisting fundraiser events, or simply providing a foster home, your help is needed and appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Stray Solutions today to find out what role you can take on.

Stray Solutions would like to give a special thanks to a few of our various volunteers who keep our organization running:

LAURIE BOWSER - Fosters for SSAR on occasion, assists and supports fundraisers, donates items, and helps transport animals to appointments.

BILLIE COOPER  - Donates and cleans items and cages, assists fundraisers, deep cleans the kitty room weekly at the primary foster site, and spends time socializing the cats and kittens.

CHRISTINE COBLENTZ - Donates various supplies such as food and toweling, assists at fundraisers in various ways, and coordinates low cost mobile clinics.

DENISE DAY - Donates gift baskets for fundraising events, transports animals to vet appointments, and works at events such as organizational garage sales. Denise has fostered for SSAR in the past.

VICTORIA GEUDER - Currently fosters cats/kittens, assists at fundraisers and adoption events. Victoria is also a stained glass artist who frequently donates her work to be raffled off or sold for the organization’s fundraisers.

SANDY GLOVER - Fosters cats/kittens, assists with fundraisers, adoption events and boarding. Sandy also networks within the community and communicates with Stray Solutions regarding those who need help with an animal.

JODI SNODGRASS – Fosters cats/kittens and assists events and fundraisers. Sandy is specifically able to assist with very young kittens who may need bottle feeding.

We are so grateful to make a difference in the community, but we can't do it without your help!

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